Why most Vegetarians are against Non Vegetarian food

These days more and more people are turning vegetarians. What is the reason behind it? Many people have joined “save animal” movements. It is definitely healthier than eating non vegetarian food.  Non veg food contains more of saturated fats which in turn gives rise to heart diseases. Veg food reduces the risk of degenerative diseases.

For many, non veg food is like end of the world if they cannot have it a single day. They would rather starve than eat veg food.


What exactly is non vegetarian food?

Killing and eating any animal is non veg food. Once any animal or human beings are killed, decay sets in. So what are non-vegetarians eating? It is simply decayed animals that they are eating. If you found a dead and decaying carcass of an animal lying on the roads or elsewhere, would you eat it? No, definitely not, you find the very idea absolutely disgusting wouldn’t you  so why kill and eat an animal? This is one of the major reasons why vegetarians do not want to even taste non vegetarian. In restaurants, you get Paneer Kadai and with the same gravy, you get Chicken Kadai, so why eat the chicken for the same taste. Texture of paneer and cooked chicken is more or less the same. So why not eat Paneer and why eat chicken?


Just like us human beings, animals and birds feel the sense of pain too. They are also in pain when they are killed. Have you ever seen outside the butcher houses how chicken are cooped in a a big cage. Have you ever seen how terrified they look? They must be wondering why their companion until a while ago has not returned ever. Most poultry farms and slaughter houses are in pathetic conditions.


Many of the religions like Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. are forbidding the use of non veg food. That is one of the reasons why vegetarians do not want to taste non veg food. Some sects of Christians and Islam forbid consumption of non veg food too.


If you are really interested in giving up non veg food, then look for alternatives to overcome your meat desires. There are many vegetarian or vegan alternatives to meat. At this point of time, vegetarianism is fast spreading all over the world.

Educate yourself about the good points of vegetarianism. Go online and you can find enough videos and evidence. So why no live a healthy long life?