Where to Start When Doing Research for a Novel

Have you always wanted to be novelist? Have you spent your childhood reading and dreaming about having your books in one of those shelves on the big bookstore? Well, we must tell you that writing a novel is no child’s play. Are you serious about writing? If so, then just don’t start off without doing research. The better you research for your novel the better is the base and the better is the story because knowledge knows no bounds and a genuine reader always loves a well written and well researched story. In this age of internet, information is accessible at just the touch of a button! Almost anything you want to know about, you can find it on the internet. All you need to do is browse. Browse different sites and explore the world in which you want to set your novel in. Here are a few tips to go through before starting off.

Find out your target readers

Find out which age group your readers are. What language do they prefer to read? If it is for children, try to figure out the kind of stories that they usually like and the language they read in. Possibly write a story which has a moral behind it. If it is for adults, then find out what type of stories they prefer, whether majority of the readers are men or women, whether they prefer romance or thriller or political or sci-fi or cultural or something in the history. What language do they prefer the novel? Etc.


Shortlist a few topics for your book, find out more information about these topic. For information, you can mainly get it online. You can also visit places you have chosen especially if it is historical book you are writing. You must read other books on similar topics or location. Contact the publisher and find out about the contract, terms and conditions. You can get to contact the publisher on line. Make notes of what you have researched so that you will not forget later on. Highlight important portions.


Finalize your topic and then start with your writing. Start thinking of the characters and imagine the way they speak, walk, behave, etc. Do not forget to make notes of your writing so that you can easily start off from where you left.

So go ahead! And make your dream of writing a novel come true!