What is so special about Indian mothers?

Indian mothers are no less than superwomen. It is generally said that Indian mothers do a lot for their children. Most mothers are housewives. There is a general perception that housewives do nothing much. But if anyone plays the role of a housewife for a day, only then will they come to know what it is to work like a housewife. A housewife is a 24/7 job unlike other jobs. If she does so much, no one realizes it but if she forgets to do something,  some or the other family member is ready to give her a hollering.


To raise children is no joke. It is a very responsible job. Most mothers try to do their best to raise their children.

  • She generally tends to over feed you even if you are up to the brim.
  • She most of the times gives in to your demands and tries to make you have a comfortable life.
  • When you are ill, if necessary, she is awake the whole night to take care of you. While if she is ill, she continues doing her everyday day duties unless she is really not able to move.
  • If she is a working mother to help support her family, she does not shy away from the responsibility of doing work in the house as well as raising the children. Hats off to such mothers who are doing double duty.
  • She tries to give you a comfortable life even if she has to go through discomfort.
  • If you are not home on time just see how worried she gets and keeps trying to call you. All this is because she loves you and cares for you.
  • When you gave your board exams, she was the one who woke you up at whatever time of the day or night with piping hot tea or coffee ready for you. Exam time is hunger time. Odd hours of study make you hungry. She saw to it that you ate on time and kept ready snacks for you to eat when you are hungry.
  • It is a bet that no alarm clock could wake you up irritatingly as well as your moms voice whether in a loving voice or in an irritating voice.
  • You always preferred her to your dad for confiding whether it is bad marks or any secrets or anything else that you couldn’t’ discuss with anyone else.


If you nod a yes to most of the above points and you love your mom, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give her a big hug. She deserves it. She is a supermom whom you can never thank enough.