The Game called “Politics” in India – Players are Numerous

Being in politics in India is no easy job. Firstly India is a very populated country. There are various religions and cultures. Illiteracy is dominant because of which uneducated people have no civic sense. States are very big. Judicial system is overloaded with work. Politicians and bureaucrats are power hungry. Name any bad point, it exists in Indian Politics.

Game politics

Political System

Political system is very complicated. Elections are held in a democratic way. Election takes place at different levels.  A national level election is held to elect the representatives by the population of India who in turn elect the Prime Minister. There is the Rajya Sabha election where the members are nominated by the elected representatives. Then there are state level elections where the chief minister is elected. Then there are city, town and village elections. So it is very difficult to handle all this.

Political Parties

Everyone wants to be a “Boss”, they do not want to be tied down under another person so they form a political party with their own ideologies .  Most of them want to pull all the strings and hold on to it tight. Because of this, there are “n” number of political parties.  Because of the numerous parties, getting a single majority is difficult. So they have to join hands with different regional parties to get support to form a government. Once the government is formed, then the politicians of the regional parties will have to be given good posts or else they will blackmail you into withdrawing the support. The regional level politicians demand more economical and social rights for the benefit of their community.  With so many parties, it is not easy to cater to the whims and fancies of every party.  This is where the problems begin.

Many candidates who are elected are independent candidates and are not associated with any party in particular. There are times when 2 parties join hands and form the government. Both parties want the chief minister to be chosen from their party. No one is willing to let go. Then they end up having 2 chief ministers who will reign taking turns. Like 6 months one party has its chief minister and the next 6 months, the other party has its chief minister. This happens only in India. Sometimes they have a deputy chief minister.

Some parties like the Shiv Sena of Maharashtra have a stronghold in the state even if the chief minister belongs to another party. This is because of the parties ideologies.

Very rarely will you find a politician who is honest. Most of them are corrupt and are out to loot the government exchequers. Their policy is making hay when the sun shines.