Some easy ideas to increase sales!

Is your business going down? Do you have a sales team that isn’t delivering the way you want it to? Is your sales team not motivated enough to give you good business? If so, it is time for you to do something about it. Sales team are front benchers of your business. If they are not doing good to your business, that means that you are not motivating them enough. So to keep your business up and about, you need to motivate them.

Reward them whenever  necessary. Make the competition fun. Financial incentives are a must but it is not everything. Other incentives are also necessary. Create such an atmosphere that everyone wants to come to office. We have a few ideas for you to motivate your sales team.
sales ideas

Form Groups:

Instead of making them work individually, divide the people into groups. Give each group the target. Obviously,  each team will want to outdo the other. The sales personnel in each group will try to work hard so as to be the best group. This way there is team spirit. Reward the best group as a whole as well as the best in the group.

Call their Families:

Occasionally have parties where you invite their families. If you can afford it, then arrange for weekend trips with their families.  Make it fun time for families too. This way the spouse motivates the sales person to do better. Praise the salesperson in front of their families  and other staff families to make them feel proud. You can honor them and give them gifts too. This will want them to do good again so that their level  of performance is maintained. This way the other families will get motivated too.

 Have some sport:

In your office, if you have the space, then arrange for some sport which they can pursue in their free time or after office like table tennis, yoga, etc. You can have some massager chairs or beanbags etc. If possible arrange for daily contests, games etc. to keep them entertained. You could hold zumba classes a couple of times a week.

Beer Time:

At least once a month, let the team who has done good sales party with beer and other drinks on the house. You can let them off one afternoon to enjoy themselves at the nearest pub with food and drinks.

 Reward with Incentives:

If they have completed the targets, then rewarding them is a must. If they have crossed their targets, then the reward should be better. It could be cash as well as other things like refrigerator, a  latest smart phone, TV, washing machine, etc, the list is endless.  It is better to give gifts than give cash. It will always be remembered by the sales person as well as their families. Make them improve customer service.

In lean  period or off season  , the sales are generally down. In this period, give them better gifts and incentives so that they make more efforts. This can go a long way for your company.