Small Business Ideas – Popular and easy business ideas for first time business Owners

Are you one of those dreamers who want to be your own boss or boss to somebody? Do you have managerial skills but no finances? Do you want to start your own business but have no idea as to what to start? Well, we have for you a few smart ideas to start your own finances with very less investment.


Event Management

Lots of people love to throw parties but have no time to organize it. An event planner helps such people to organize the party right from food to games to decoration and just about anything concerning in organizing a party, weddings, corporate parties, organizing events like musical or dance shows. The investment is not much. You can always take part of payment from the client in advance to organize.

Online Selling

People these days prefer online shopping as it is more convenient. So you can sell online.  You can either buy from wholesalers or sell or if you make your own stuff, you can sell that too. If you have a hobby of making some kind of handicraft or any other items which you want to pursue as a career you can sell it on line.

Catering Service

If you have a flair for cookery, then catering is a good idea. You can do it right from your very own home. You can either have a take away system or take orders by phone or online. If you have regular customers for meals, then tiffin service is an option. Do not forget to find out about the food license and its rules otherwise you might be in for a bad surprise.

If you have a good hand at baking, you can take orders for birthday cakes or any other occasion. Chocolate making is a good option too.

Day Care Center

If you love babies and children, then this is the job just for you. You look after children of working parents all for some amount of money.

 Pet Hostel

This job is for pet lovers.  You can have pet hostels where you can keep pets for the owners. When a pet owner goes out of station they have no place to keep their pets.  Here you look after the pets, feed them for money of course. Also at times due to unavoidable circumstances, pet owners cannot look after their pets. You can keep the pets on a monthly basis.

You can also earn by giving dog training or walking the dogs for the owners who are unable to do so. You have to pick and drop the dogs from their house.

Assisting Senior Citizens:

Many senior citizens live alone and have problem moving around. You can run errands for them like paying bills, taking them to the doctor or where ever else they want to go all for a payment.

 Free Lancing:

If you have the flair for writing, you can take up content writing, blogging, ghost writing, that of a translator. Any web site needs constant and new contents, so you can write for them.

Start a Paying Guest service:

If you have spare rooms in your house, you can rent it out to students or single working people. You have to provide food and basic amenities.

The ideas are numerous. So go ahead and start today.