Privacy Policy

Contact the owner to collect information about your personal data, the parties’ data and the purpose of data.
Data Controller and Possessor:
Types of Data:

  • The owner does not provide a record of the collected Personal data.
  • Any other personal data which is collected may be explained in other sections of this privacy policy.
  • When this Application is used, the Personal data may be freely provided by the User or may be collected automatically.
  • If you fail to provide certain Personal Data, it may be impossible to provide its services by the Application.
  • The user accepts responsibility for the Personal Data of third parties shared through this Application. It has the right to pass on information or broadcasting rights.

Mode of Processing Data:
The data of the users will be processed in the right manner by the Data Controller. Security measures will be taken to avert any unauthorized access or destruction or modifying or disclosure of data.
Only the employees involved in dealing with the clients will have access to the data or external parties who are providing services to the Data Controller or Third party technical service providers, communicating agencies, IT companies etc. which you can avail from Data controller at any point of time.
Place of Processing:
Unless stated otherwise, the data is processed at the Data Controller headquarters. When the user requests for services, the data is kept for the necessary time. User can request for it removal or suspension whenever needed.
Legal Action:
The Data Controller can use the User’s personal data if necessary in legal proceedings which in turn can lead to legal actions if found violating any rules and regulations.
For maintenance purpose, this Application and third party services may gather files that record interaction with this Application.
Any extra details can be available from the Data controller if requested.
The rights of the Users:
At any point of time the user has the right to know about the details of their personal data. They can also request for cancelling, updating, supplementing, suspending or rectifying the data.
They can request for the data to be transformed into anonymous format or block any data that is violating the law. Requests for any problems should be sent to Data Controller.
The privacy policy can be changed any time by the Data Controller as the Data Controller holds the rights to it. User should check this page often to find out for latest modifications if any. If the user has any objections to any change in policy, the user must stop using this Application. He can request to delete the Personal data