Creative Ideas for Marketing Your Wedding Planning Business

There is no dearth of weddings taking place everywhere. People are always trying to outdo each other. The “in” thing is they go in for wedding planners. By doing this they are saved of all the headaches that are associated in organizing a wedding from pre-wedding functions to Band, Baaja, and Baaraath to reception. So the clients would obviously try to go to the best wedding planner. So the wedding planner needs to find a niche for themselves in the wedding industry. You should not be just another wedding planner; you should be a unique wedding planner. And this is where marketing helps. We give you a few ideas on how to market your wedding ideas without reducing your profits much.



Advertise in whatever way possible ways like newspapers, hoardings, yellow pages, local cable network etc. Do not forget to specify your unique point. Have well designed brochures in glossy print with a few pictures of what services you have already provided to people in the past.  Create a Facebook account of your company. Keep posting pictures of your recent events. Also check for Facebook accounts of your competitors often so that you know where you lack.

Form a network:

For a strong client base, networking is absolutely necessary. Join hands with hotels, caterers, corporate houses, marriage halls, decorators and others whose services you may need. Have well designed & printed business cards to drop by when you visit people. Leave some business cards and brochures with the people whom you join hands with so that they can refer their clients to you if required. If required, you can also offer them a small percentage of cash if they refer you clients. Also make a portfolio of your events and leave it with them.


Make a list of other caterers, florists,  and all those whose services you may need (apart from the ones with whom you have joined hands) etc. and send emails to them or mail them your brochures. Be in touch with them. You can greet them via mail during new year’s or Diwali etc.

Have a website designed by a good web designer. Keep it posted regularly.

Theme Weddings:

Have a list of unique theme weddings that you can provide. Visit other wedding planners to see what they are providing so that you can make your ideas unique.

Start a side business:

You can sell other items concerned with weddings like invitation cards  and other things that are needed at weddings  and other important events concerning weddings. This way the customer will also save time.

Reconnect with your clients:

Be in touch with your past and present clients, the service providers of whom you are taking the services of. Greet them on occasions.  You will have to do this or you will stand nowhere. You can give some small gift on occasions to them. You can wish the bride and groom on their anniversaries. This way, they will refer you to others.

A few more things that need to be done are to attend wedding expos and exhibitions, wedding based movies, etc. to get more ideas. Maintain a good relationship with your clients and service providers and you will be surely referred by them to their friends and relatives.