Common Grammatical errors that are made by Indians while conversing in English

We Indians love to flaunt our knowledge and education by speaking/writing English. English is everywhere you see and go. But unfortunately, most Indians make numerous grammatical mistakes while speaking English because it is not the native language of India and a pretty large portion of the population does not speak it. Many a times even people who use English on a regular basis make a lot of mistakes! English is a funny language that has similar sounding words with different meanings and similar spelled words with different meanings! Here are a few common words that confuse a number of people on a daily basis:


You’re and your:

 ‘You’re’ is the shortened version of ‘you are’.

‘Your’ is used when something belongs to the person that is being spoken to.

 Correct usage:

I think you’re a very nice person.

Can I borrow your car?


  • There, Their or They’re:


‘They’re’ is the shortened form of ‘they are’.

‘There’ is used to refer to a place.

‘Their’ is used when something belongs to the people that are being referred to.


Correct usage:

 They’re eating the food.

He is sitting over there in the park.

These are their belongings.

Loose and Lose:


Correct usage:

His pants are so loose around his waist that it looks like they will fall off any moment.

She will lose her money if she is not careful with it.

Find and calculate:


Correct usage:


Can someone please help me find my phone?

Calculate the speed at which the train was going at.


Did and Made:


Correct usage:

I did the work all by myself.

I made this cake all by myself.
Off and of:


Correct usage:


Please be careful while getting off the bus.

One of the children in the team is missing.


Between and Among:


Between is used when only two people are involved.

Among is used when three or more people are involved.


Correct usage:


Divide all the toffees between the two kids.

Divide all the toffees among the five kids.


  • Its and It’s:


‘Its’ is possessive.

‘It’s’ is the shortened version of ‘it is’.


Correct usage:

The bird has flown out of its cage.

It’s my birthday day after tomorrow.

Of course, there are many more mistakes that people make while speaking English but these are some common mistakes that most people make. So, get out there and flaunt your newly gained knowledge about English to the world!