8 times when Harry Potter fans just couldn’t HELP but make a Harry Potter reference:

The Harry potter series is known to have one of the largest and most loyal fandoms ever. Naturally, when one loves and obsesses over a series so much, one is bound to jump to the chance of making a reference whenever they see it. As an avid book reader and a huge fan of Harry Potter, I can assure you that 90% of my day is full of references. Here are some of the few times when Potterheads, as we fans like to call ourselves, just couldn’t resist making a reference to the series:

1. Damn you, Ron!
There is a car stuck in a tree! Is it an accident? Should we call for help? Should we get the car down? Nope. Time to make a Harry Potter reference!


2. Why must you break everyone’s heart this way
Well done, Satan. Let me go cry in my corner now.


3. This graduating student:
Don’t we all wish we were graduating from Hogwarts?


4. When the fans get bored:
Well, they do say boredom can make you do creative things.


5. This one was clearly too good an opportunity to waste:
We don’t laugh at jokes. We make Harry Potter references first and then laugh at them.


6. Even the commercials aren’t left alone!
Let’s just all take a moment to applaud the creativity of the fans.


7. They can literally bring Harry Potter into any discussion:
Don’t believe me? Try challenging a Potterhead. Just like Draco challenged Harry to a duel in his first year.

See what I did there?

8. We can make even the most bizarre things about Harry Potter.
Like this specimen right here. A dog and stag in the car? No big deal, it’s just James and Sirius on a ride. A dancing mouse? Must be Pettigrew! Someone set off crackers in our backyard? Must be Fred and George!