11 Incredible Business Ideas from Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Be an SEO expert to improve the presence of different brands and companies on Google and other search engines. It is through this SEO that companies and brands attract their customers.

Kid Friendly Apps

Kids are highly mobile literates so the app market is good. If you are one of those innovative tecchies, then make apps for them that are educational or that teach them good habits or good health.

Online Dating and Affair Website

Lots of people are unsatisfied with their marriages and are looking for something new and exciting.  Start a website where you can get people to register for some money of course and you provide them companionship. Similarly an online dating website can be started for unmarried people too. Many people are lonely and want companionship; you can help them find companions.

Food on Wheels

A mobile restaurant is the “in” thing. It is cheaper than opening restaurants. This can be managed with a food truck. A normal truck is modified to have a mini kitchen inside with basic amenities; the sides can have folding tables where you can serve or you can carry folding tables and chairs and open it where ever needed. Specialize in a particular cuisine like Chinese, Non veg, south Indian etc. , with signature recipes. Find out where you can get maximum customers, take it there. Offices at lunch time or near crowded parks in the evenings are a good option.

Beauty Parlor/Salon on Wheels

These are beauty parlors in trucks. The truck is modified. The inside of the truck is made into a mini parlor. In case your customer does not want to avail the truck service, you can offer those services inside their own home.

Gift Hampers in a Basket

If you have a hobby of making something useful, say soaps, then have a basket ready with a variety of soaps. You can sell them. There are many options like homemade chocolates, cookies etc. It can be just about anything that can be gifted.

Glares for Dogs

Every pet owner wants their dog to be smart. Glares (glasses) look great on dogs. You can sell other products like caps, jackets, toys etc. for dogs. You can have a pet buddy’s shop which sells all this. If you can’t afford to open a shop, then sell it online.

Driver Service

You provide temporary drivers to people. Many times people have their own cars but  due to some unavoidable circumstances they are not able to drive.  So here you provide the driver to the vehicle owners. You charge them for a period of 4 hour initially and after that hourly. You can also have pick and drop facility like to airports or hospitals or any other engagements of theirs.

Bed and Breakfast

If you have a well-furnished spare room or rooms in your house with an attached bathroom, you can rent it out on a daily basis (like a hotel). You provide the breakfast too.


Start small breweries by making beer and wine with some unique flavor. People love to try new flavors and they are cheaper too.

Adult Day Care

If you love taking care of senior citizens, then this business is for you. You provide your services to take care of the elderly who hate being alone or in an old age home or hospital.